Product name: Crystalline fructose TM ADM

Chemical formula: C6H12O6

CAS number: 57-48-7

Fructose (synonyms: Levulose, fruit sugar) is a monosaccharide in the form of white crystalline odorless solid with very sweet taste. It is highly soluble in the water and the ethanol. Fructose is found in free form in many fruits and plants (apples, pears, tomatoes etc.) and is a part of the honey, sucrose and oligosaccharides. In the food industry it is obtained by the hydrolysis of the sugar-containing plant raw materials (beet, cane, sugar corn). Fructose as a sugar substitute is effectively used in the world for a healthy nutrition.

Packing:  the paper bag with PP inlay  – 25 kg net

The Country of Origin:  Turkey