Product name:  Citric acid monohydrate

IUPAC name:  2-Hydroxy-1,2,3-propanetricarboxylic acid monohydrate

Chemical formula:  C6H8O7 * H2O

E number of the food additive:  E 330

CAS number:  5949-29-1

Citric acid is crystalline odorless substance of white color. It well dissolves in water and ethanol. It is widely using as a taste additive, acidity regulator and preservative agent in the food and beverage industry, in the pharmaceutics, cosmetology and metallurgy. At the present time the main way of industrial citric acid production is the biosynthesis of sugar or molasses by the strains.

Packing:  the paper bag with PP inlay  — 25 kg net

The Country of Origin:  China