Product name:  Edible Bovine Gelatine (Type B)

Bovine gelatine (from Latin gelatus — «stiff») is a food thickener of animal origin in the form of  colorless or yellowish powder or granules obtained by the partial hydrolysis of collagen (protein) present in bovine hides. Gelatin is used as a thickener in the food industry for the production of confectionery — jelly, fruit jelly, etc., in pharmacology — for the production of capsules and suppositories, as well as for the production of cosmetics.

Organoleptic, physical and chemical parameters:

Appearance Light yellow powder or granules
Odour Neutral
Gel-strength 100 – 260
pH 4,5 – 6,0
Isoelectric point 4,7 – 5,6
Grinding According to order
Protein contents 85 – 90%
Moisture 10 – 12%
Lipid contents < 1%

Packing:  the paper bag with PP inlay  — 25 kg net

The Country of Origin:  Italy